Our goal is to balance city obligations with community needs.  Our primary revenue stream comes from taxes. Our share is 11 cents for each dollar of property taxes and 1 cent of each dollar spent for sales taxes. We need to find creative revenue streams and create regional partnerships to maintain basic public safety and community services. 


  1. Should Petaluma become a CLIMATE LEADER before fixing the long list of OUR Community needs and projects?
    So, your concern is that Petaluma isn’t a climate leader, and this evident because the city is devoid of electric buses and an electrical fleet?
    Have you even looked into the economic efficiency of OUR public transport system from all aspects while making such quotes. Or is fixing a broken & broke educational system not part of your platform? Or is fixing streets deemed to be the absolute worst for vehicles to travel upon in America on your list, or this putting the cart before the horse here? In other words if 100% of Petaluma and it’s tax payers were to drive electrical vehicles what is the overall cost due to costly and more than likely unaffordable maintenance and repairs to those vehicles?
    I applaud 1% of your idealism, especially since my kids played and ate hot dogs on those fields across the street from what will be the largest gas station in Petaluma (note the word PLAYED, I don’t any kids young enough to be endangered, & if Petaluma doesn’t succumb to the will & whims of ludicrous and asinine political policies forcing me to flee I’d love to see my future grandchildren do the same on those same fields), but making such statements for self promotion is truly dangerous and damaging to a city which I love so much. Be a responsible and honest politician and start doing what’s best for the whole of our community (in reference to the handwritten letter at the top of your website).
    Before making such statements and riling up those who choose to divert the majority of their funds to a plug-in vehicle in a hope to amass eco-credits and are then given the inalienable right (despite their economical demographic) to look down upon and abuse those who choose to divert their funds to family, friends and faith (whoops, the last word is most likely a very, very dirty amongst the voter base you are pinning your political platform upon), thus leaving us to choose between becoming part of the new society of social elitists (commissars could be another term used), or become the target of physical and abuse (what is now also the practice of merely exercising their rights by trampling all over your rights).
    Are you willing to listen or because my opinions differ from yours will I be cancelled and shunned in the city of Petaluma?

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