The Petaluma Fairgrounds is at the center of our community.  We have a 50-year-old agreement to rent this 60+ acre property to the Fair Board for $1 a year.  Let’s regain control of this asset and create revenue from this vital piece of public property.

I will work with the City Council towards establishing a planning committee, appointed by the Fair Board and our City Council—along with input from a city planner—to  create a specific plan for this centrally located city asset.  I would like to see this be our city center – where all of our city services are located – and we come together as a community.

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One thought on “FAIRGROUNDS

  1. And while you’re at it: If you truly belief in climate change and and eliminating gas-fueled transportation and parking, etc. , then please eliminate the Speedway. It is absolutely ridiculous that this activity still intrudes upon the health and well-being of the majority of Petaluma’s residents. The unrelenting noise pollution that invades our homes nearly every single Saturday evening April through October, and for the enjoyment of whom? On a weekend evening when residents and their guests would enjoy dining outdoors on their patios and decks, they are forced inside where they have to shut their doors and windows and turn on the air conditioning to spare themselves from the hideous whine and roar of engines. How long must we endure this assault? Is the CC afraid of losing votes to oppose this dinosaur “institution?” Cruisin’ the Boulevard is one thing, but the Speedway is a completely different animal. It’s time for Petaluma to step up and put this outmoded and polluting source of entertainment out to pasture as so many other communities have.

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