To reduce congestion, I will work with the City Council toward creating a variety of types of transportation. This includes establishing more crosstown connectors, including bike lanes and walkways. We also need a robust public transit system that links riders to the SMART train, our children to their schools and playing fields, and those without cars to the services they need.

One thought on “TRANSPORTATION

  1. In addressing climate change, California has set a goal of replacing all private light duty internal combustion engine cars, SUVs and light trucks with electric vehicles by 2050. Many scientists urge that this must happen sooner. In California and the United States transportation is the economic sector with the largest contribution to greenhouse gas production.

    I am suggesting that in taking action toward meeting this goal, banning construction of new retail gasoline stations. Land use planning should be forward looking. California has over 10,000 gas stations. If the state goal is met all of these will be out of business. They will be a blight on the landscape. As well, they will all need to be properly decommissioned to keep them from becoming sources of toxic waste into our soil and water. The fewer there are the better.

    Action is needed now by local governments or by state mandate to allow the number of gas stations to decrease gradually by attrition. It is time to ban the construction of new gas stations. I am not suggesting closing any existing facilities or stopping renovation or repairs.

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